Explore Interactive wins 1st at Edupitch competition in Lafayette, Indiana.

Explore’s Awards

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With all the blood, sweat, and tears over the years, it’s great to share Explore!’s milestones of success. It’s not easy being a startup but we truly believe in democratizing STEM education through our product’s engaging augmented reality. This year alone, we’re proud to share the numerous awards that Explore! has won.

Awards in 2018

Purdue Black and Gold Award

Purdue Black and Gold Award

Purdue Awards

Explore! was awarded the Elevate Purdue Black Award and subsequently, the Elevate Purdue Gold Award. This funding, from Elevate Ventures and Purdue Foundry Fund, are bestowed as recognition as an emerging and existing high-potential business in Indiana-based companies. Here at Explore!, we couldn’t be more excited for these accolades.

SDI Innovations

Explore Interactive wins 1st at Edupitch competition in Lafayette, Indiana.

1st place Award Explore Interactive wins $4500.

In fact, Explore! achieved first place out of 57 teams at SDI Innovations’ 1st annual Edupitch – a pitch competition showcasing innovative solutions in education. Explore! brings inquiry-based learning to the world of augmented reality through educational games. This award is a true testament to our vision.

Schurz Inovation Challenge Award

Explore! also won the Schurz Innovation Challenge Award at the University of Notre Dame’s McCloskey New Venture

Competition, which targets online and mobile media technology. With 600 attendees, the McCloskey New Venture Competition comprises of nationally acclaimed judges like Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and co-star of “Shark Tank”, and Matt Rogers, the inventor of the Nest thermostat, to seek the next new and disruptive concepts. Explore! brings together kid friendly card games and augmented reality technology to revolutionize the world of STEM.

Leading Light Award Nomination

Leading Light Award Nomination for Mentor and Risk Taker

Leading Light Award Nomination for Mentor and Risk Taker

Additionally, our CEO, Amanda Thompson, was nominated for the Risk Taker and Mentor categories in the 2018 Leading Light Award by Women & Hi Tech. Nominees in this category demonstrated courage in promoting purposeful change for which success is uncertain. Nominees also focused specifically on innovative STEM-related products, services, or ideas. At Explore!, we’re thrilled to have Amanda on our team!

VR/AR in STEM Education

According to SetApp, a software development company based in Poland, Explore! was hailed as one of the “6 Companies That Master the Use of VR & AR in STEM Education”. SetApp noted the added value of immersive technology in creating new possibilities in education. Students can use their imagination and have fun while learning on the Explore! platform.

Reimagine Eduction VR and AR Award Shorlisted

Reimagine Eduction VR and AR Award Shorlisted

Shortlisted for Reimagine Education Award in the VR/AR department!

Last but not least, we’re excited to be shortlisted for the Reimagine Education Award, which will be announced later this month in San Francisco. The Reimagine Education Award, hosted by QS and Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, is an international competition for innovative higher education pedagogies. We can’t wait to meet other educational innovators at this event and we look forward to sharing Explore!’s vision to enhance STEM education.

Try out our Award Winning Technology yourself!

What began as a reverie is now a reality that we can share with everyone. We’re proud to say that Explore! Sneak Peek is now available for purchase in our shop. Join our journey and try it out!

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