Explore announces MindLabs branded product line!

Amanda Thompson About

Have you noticed a new logo? Some new colors perhaps?? Surprise! Explore Interactive (the company) is launching our new COLLABORATIVE augmented reality products under revamped branding! Why?? We discovered that the Explore name created too much customer confusion with another big player in our space…so we went into stealth mode, worked with our amazing friend Daylene Long at Catapult X and reemerged like a butterfly from a cocoon with our new colors and branding.

Speaking of which, we think the shape recalls the butterfly that is so inspiring to young STEM learners, the M in MindLabs, and as shown here the bubbling of a STEM experiment. The colors are inclusive, exciting and playful! We LOVE it!! We hope you are inspired to lift off and fly into the future of STEM education with your inquisitive children and students!