Want to know what kids, parents, and teachers are saying about MindLabs??

Amanda Thompson About

“The kids started to cheer for me when I came into the classroom for the MindLabs lessons! They loved it!”
-Linda, STEM teacher in Indiana

“We have done many outside STEM programs including ones on circuitry and AR, but none have covered all the contents that this card set from MindLabs did. And, sadly I paid more for these other circuitry classes which the girls didn’t learn much from and/or thought were boring.  If only MindLabs was there when they were asking to learn about energy and circuits, it would have been so much easier just to share these cards with them, and see their eyes light up when they used their cards and saw characters, items, ideas and more come to life through AR… I truly was amazed at all the knowledge they have now thanks to these cards, and just how much fun the girls had while learning about energy and circuits. Who says kids can’t have fun and learn at the same time?”
Savannah, Homeschool Parent in Connecticut

“My daughter had so much fun. She was excited to continue experimenting with the materials after class everyday. She wanted to see how many bulbs she can light up, what other materials in the house were insulators or conductors, and what types of amazing circuits she could create in MindLabs using her cards.”
– Tiffany, parent of 10 y/o in California

“I loved helping Atom. He taught us all about circuits. Building circuits was hard at first, but fun!”
“My son really loved MindLabs. I know he’s been missing out visits to the museums around here due to COVID, so MindLabs has been a wonderful way to engage his brain.”
-Ryan and his mom, 9 y/o in Colorado

“After the MindLabs, it was the first time I’ve asked my child what he learned in school today and he actually responded with knowledge rather than what he did at recess”
-Matt, parent in California

*Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you*Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you*Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you*Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you*Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you *Thank you “My son couldn’t believe how fast time flew by every day in MindLabs Camp. He said he had an “”AMAZING time.”
-Aidan and his mom, 10 y/o in Indiana

“Thank you sooooooooo much for creating MindLabs. I love it! The kids have had a great time. When we ran out of time today and we decided as a group to meet for an extra session to share our created circuits!”
-Kasey, 4th grade teacher in Indiana

“As you can see probably every single day I was excited! Every single day if this had been a little bit more fun I would’ve been like looking at the clock every 10 minutes! It was so fun! It was super fun every single day and I couldn’t wait to go on MindLabs and create thousands of stuff almost every day! It was like the thing I look forward to most in the day!”
-Frank, 8 y/o in Rhode Island

“She actually didn’t want to do the camp, but I made her because I didn’t want her just sitting around on Roblox all day. After the class, she couldn’t wait to continue with her materials. Kudos to MindLabs!”
-Mom of Isabella, 9 y/o in California